Don't leave it until the last minute! Remember, your MOT test only certifies the vehicle on the day of testing. Faulty or worn out tyres could cost you 3 points + fines per tyre. If in any doubt, we offer a free tyre safety check. The minimum requirements for tread depth are:
Car - 1.6mm, Bike - 1.2mm. In both cases, across the central ¾ of the tyre tread throughout the entire circumference. To save you time and money, and to reduce waste, Castle tyres have a repair first policy providing it is safe and legal to do so. A repair to a tyre is covered by a British Standard BSAU159f:1990

Repairable Area - Minor and Major Repairs

This standard splits repairs into two categories - minor repairs and major repairs. The British Standard also defines limits to the location, size and number of repairs that can be carried out and makes recommendations also on the repair materials to be used. A tyre must always be checked thoroughly before it is repaired.

If the tyre shows any of the following, it should not be repaired:
• Illegal tread depth
• Run flat damage - breakdown of the tyre's structural integrity
• Secondary damage - caused by the injuring object
• Ageing/deterioration of the tyres rubber
• Bead damage
• Exposed cords
• Faulty/poor previous repairs

Tyre pressure

Correct air pressure is important for the tyre to perform to an optimum level and also improves fuel economy. Check your tyre pressures weekly to ensure longer tread life, better handling and safer driving. Refer to the vehicle manufacturer tyre placard for the correct pressure. This may be located in the glove box or on the inside edge of the driver’s door. Please do a visual check with your tyres and compare them with the illustration below - Correct tyre pressure will save you fuel.

Tyre Rotation

Rotating your tyres every 5,000 km’s will help to achieve even tread wear and therefore extending the life of your tyres.

Wheel Balance

Having your wheels correctly balanced will provide greater ride comfort, even tread wear and longer tread life. If you experience vibration through the steering wheel, handlebars or through the seat, we recommend you pop down to have the balancing checked.

Wheel Alignment

Is your car or bike pulling to one side when you should tracking straight ahead? Have you noticed any uneven wear on the shoulders of your front tyres? It may be time to have the wheel alignment checked. We can do this for you.

Tyre Information

Tyre Repair Areas